About Me

About Me

About me

I’ve decided to offer my Math tutoring services on this site after much consideration. My background is in mathematics. In 2008, I graduated from Hood College in Frederick with a bachelor’s degree in mathematics and worked as a math learning skills specialist for Montgomery College Student Support Services Trio (SSS). When I take on a new student, my main goal is to empower him or her to be self-sufficient; in other words, I don’t want my students to continue to rely on me to solve their math problems for years on end. I employ the Socratic technique to create an environment where the learner is his or her own teacher ( empower the student to become independent).. I’m placing a lot of emphasis on this because I really want you to strive to become an independent learner. My job is to explain the material in a very concise way so you can fly with your own wings.

Subjects I can teach:

Pre-algebra, Beginning Algebra, Intermediate Algebra, Statistics, Finite Mathematics, Trigonometry, Pre calculus, Calculus, and much more.


I have been tutoring since the year 2001( 20 years ) and served as the Math learning skills specialist for the Student Support Services at Montgomery College.




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“..I appreciated how attentive Tayib was to my questions, I highly recommend him if you need Geometry tutoring..”

Patience Brown

“…I struggled with math till I met Tayib he made math fun and easy to understand which helped with my grades. I strongly recommend him very knowledgeable and patient…”

Sarah G. Salami

“…Wonderful Math Tutor! Adult and youth approved! A+

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