My Services

Subjects I can teach:

Pre-algebra, Beginning Algebra, Intermediate Algebra, Statistics, Finite Mathematics, Trigonometry, Pre calculus, Calculus, and much more.


I have been tutoring since the year 2001( 19 years ) and currently employed as the Math learning skills specialist for the Student Support Services at Montgomery College.

Additional things to know prior to requiring help from me?

All my tutoring are done now via Zoom (Virtually)-schedule a session today because of the complexity of my work schedule. The tutoring cost is $35 per hour.

How to book an appointment?

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The Benefits Of My Online Tutoring

Every session will be recorded( at the student’s request)¬† so in case the student hasn’t quite understood some of the materials, he or she can go back and watch the recorded session for additional help.


Each student or tutee must have access to a webcam, a computer with  working microphones Gmail

Students must pay for the session upon receiving the paypal invoice and must be present at the scheduled time

Each session is an hour long.